Shoshana Habshi – Handcuffed Housewife

On September 11, 2011, Shoshana Habshi, a half Jewish, half Arabic American housewife was detained on a plane after two Indian men, who were completely unrelatedly sitting in her row, were reported to be spending unusual amounts of time in the airplane’s lavoratory. This obviously raised the suspicion of several other passengers sharing the flight.

As if America isn’t already hyper paranoid about the fact that Radical Islam is no way content with their accomplishments on 9/11/01, but strive daily, hourly, to strike terror and fear in the hearts of Israelis and Americans. Couple that with the fact that it just happened to be the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in US history, perpetrated by, guess who? Radical Islam. There is not a red blooded American in this country, if they truly love this country, who doesn’t understand this never ending threat disguised under the name of religion. You, literally, can’t go one day without reading or hearing (that is, what the liberal media chooses to report) about some fanatical Muslim, or group thereof, killing someone, or large groups of innocents, if not burning churches, houses, or embassies somewhere, in the name of Islam.

Shoshana is a smart woman. She is educated, beautiful, talented, articulate, and as American as I am, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It seems to me that instead of speaking out about her rights being violated, she would be condemning the fact that this nonsense of fear-mongering is even necessary. Whether or not she is a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist or anything else is irrelevant. She is of Middle Eastern descent. Therefore, she does, in fact, fit a profile.

I’m all for profiling, especially, when we have pretty much narrowed down the options, at least from an airplane point of view. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t know of another group who flies airlplanes into buildings, killing thousands of innocent people, ruining thousands more’s lives, all in the name of religion.

Who are the FBI supposed to be profiling? Young Irish women? Canadian Fisherman? Come on now, the reason the profiling won’t end, is because people of Arabic and/or Muslim descent will not speak out and condemn these terrorists and the belief system which underlies their barbaric action, who, in most circumstances, are of Arabic/Muslim descent. Never, ever forget, over 3,000 Americans, just like Shoshana, or any of her friends or family, died on 9/11/01, some jumping dozens of stories to their terrifying end, and we know who’s responsible. There’s no question (outside of the Illuminati, which is a subject for another blog). It’s not about tolerance. It is what it is. It’s about protecting this country from people who want to destroy the American way of life by striking terror in the hearts of their enemies, which is everybody, even other denominations of their own religion. It’s a successful strategy, one would only need to look at some of the governmental decisions that have been made to grant extra protection to Muslims.

Let me reiterate and explain that whether or not Shoshana is a Muslim is irrelevant. Because, we have a significant population of ‘supposed’ moderate muslims, or even secular Middle-Eastern people (and I have no idea if she is even religious) who love to scream intolerance about their rights being violated but I’ve yet to hear one speak out against the ATROCIOUS human rights violations in their homelands, all falling under the umbrella of Islamic justification. Everyone has now had 10 years to investigate, study, discern, understand the ideology and sociology behind this absurd reign of terror, carried out in the name of Islam. Obviously, someone hasn’t done been reading their Koran (to play off Obama’s famous Bible quote).

Do you know why? The Koran is preached in over 5,000 mosques in this country, many of which are funded by ultra radical Islamic Terrorist groups. If American Muslims represent .6 – .8 of the population of this county, 5,000 mosques, really? Mind boggling. I mean, even if we said, ultra conservatively, that Radical’s make up 5% of the Muslim population. Imagine what 5% of the congregations of 5,000 mosques, and growing, in our country will be when the country’s population increases to say 12-15%. The math is simple. Take 10% of the American Population, count that as your Muslim population, then that 5% of that number, and realize how many people are living in your neighborhood, possibly studying and planning Jihad.

Think about this people. Including you radical social groups, who may be supported by them now, as they continue to construct their infrastructure, but have no idea that if Sharia Law is ever allowed to exist in the courts of this country, the liberal, anything goes way of life will truly be intolerated. You think intolerance means a derogatory comment about a half a million man village people march through the streets of New York with the Mayor leading the fiasco, but intolerance, in relative terms, also means, stoning, honor killings, genital mutilation, among other barbaric acts against humans. (Yes, I have studied the Koran, as well as the Bible, ancient near-east religion, cults, and the facts of history.)

You don’t have to have any relgious belief at all to know that these things to do not belong in our society. Christians aren’t radical because they adamantly protest the Islamization of our country, or, the more frequent practice of Sharia law in local government, especially is Europe, which is always a pre-cursor to America. But yet, the radical social groups would rather call Christians intolerant and bigoted, screaming intolerance and special rights, while being completely lulled to sleep by the true intolerance headed our way. People simply must lose the indifference, the apathy, and even the fear of offense. I don’t want to hear this stupidity about comparing any of this stuff to the European Crusades, or the Catholic Church (I’m a Protestant Christian, by the way). These events, among others, such as slavery, are historically relevant, absolutely, but in no way, whatsoever, even deserving of mention in this debate.

No, no one needs to explain, to me, why no one has bothered to speak out against the people who supposedly ‘hijack’ (no pun intended) their relgion, and commit unspeakable terror at a furious pace, under the name of their religion. They don’t have to. They have figured out how to use our own Constitution against us. And we, in our forced ‘intolerance’, are even electing officials are who are completely, 100% anti American, and their policies and attitudes make it so painfully obvious.

Well, to that, all I can assume is that 98% of those people have obviously never read the Koran, and the other 2% probably just simply have bad reading comprehension, because everything the radicals justify by their ‘prophet’ is, in fact, justified by their ‘prophet’. He had a funny way of abrogationg his god’s word to suit his lifestyle, which was power by force. Terror and murder. History doesn’t lie.

Every place on earth should have advanced beyond 9th century barbarianism by now. And I would encourage anyone to study the real history of slavery, even as horribly wrong as it was/is, and also realize who ended it (in contrast with those countries who still practice it.. common theme here) was this country, based on Christian values and principals, whether people admit it or not, less than 100 years after we even became a country. I could write a book, and I might, on Christian based writings and quotes from virtually evey founding father, pesident, and other influental leader at that most integral time in our country’s history.

I feel our founding father’s would have been a bit more specific in their language about freedom of religion, if they suspected, one could hijack a couple of other religions, call it the true religion of the world, even though it came from the Jews, only up to the parts they disagree with personally, and use it as an umbrella to commit heinous, barbaric, stone age crimes against other human beings, namely the very people whose true God, they hijacked. And succeed by manipulating our Constitution. Sounds familiar. Barack Obama has been the master Constitution manipulator, and would probably just as soon spit on it. That’s exactly what Radical Islam wants to do, spit on it, burn it, make a mockery of it, as well as any person who happens to believe in it.

And unfortunately, Rick Perry will end up being the Presidential Nominee for the GOP, and guess who he’s in bed with? Big surprise, I know, I know. Another choice between worthless political puppets. This country needs to stand up and elect some leaders who see the truth of the disintegration of this country, and aren’t willing to bow to it, in the name of political correctness. I’m really not sorry if you’re offended. No one hurt this woman, and we know if a white woman was detained in Saudi Arabia, well, I won’t even go there. That information is in the Koran anyway.

Goodness. Our hands are simply tied behind our backs, as Americans, living in an absolutely political correct, anything goes, government regime. We’re afraid to be called intolerant, bigoted, or narrow minded because we are normal, hard working, honest, and prefer to marry one (adult) member of the opposite sex, and adamantly oppose the random killing of innocent people who have a different life view. So don’t ask, “How dare anyone judge me on the fact that I fit a profile that is affiliated with Terror, even though I have never made any significant effort (as a whole) to reassure anyone otherwise, anyway these are just a few radicals, they don’t represent true Islam.” This would be like saying Mexicans should be offended for having to show proof of citizenship, when we know that are 20+ million illegal immigrants in our country, milking every social service our Lib’s love to hand out, and bankrupting our country. Just the costs of incarceration alone is staggering.

I do wish to make a point here, while rather lengthy, that you, if you have middle eastern features, and you get the bad luck of sitting beside a couple of guys looking, and acting shady, and Norad has the wherewithal to scramble F-16’s so the FBI can see what’s up, and you have to be interrogated, that, as inconvenient as it is, it is for the safety of this country. Would this person not want this enhanced security for themselves and their families and friends? We lost over 3000 Americans, and thousands more have suffered deep grief and loss. Yes, it sucks being detained,  and I’m sure she’s an awesome person, and an awesome American, and is completely vindicated of any shadow of wrong-doing.

National Security. We need it, we must take any and all threats seriously, especially from people who never hesitate to act on them at first opportunity. She should be glad that she is not bigger than this country. No person, no minority, no group, no religion, should ever compromise our National Security. Especially when those who want to convert us or destroy us have made it clear, in their words and their actions, and justified it all with their scriptures.

I’ve simply yet to read or hear the harsh condemnation that the people responsible for terrorism around the world deserve, and place the blame where it deserves to be placed. It’s not be put on the people who have a legitimate fear of a national, as well as personal threat to the future of this country. Maybe, I haven’t investigated enough, the story just caught my eye, but I will be looking, I’m sure.

ks91311 Unapologetic Publishing, Murfreesboro

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